Learnings from DMX Dublin…

Content needs context

Marketing communications professionals are less loved than stockbrokers or lawyers! Marketing has become a dirty word and people no longer love it as a profession. Marketers have developed bad habits and have not listened to audiences in the right way or delivered content for them in the right format.

Content, which is always king, is lacking context, and personalised content delivered through inbound marketing techniques will deliver a greater return on investment than paid advertising. It needs to be fast, simple and free.

(CMO of Hubspot, Mike Volpe)

Reinvent digital to drive growth

Businesses should design for human experiences and not just to facilitate business processes. Heralding data as the new natural resource, marketers need to seek out opportunities to extend physical experiences with digital platform and create experiences for moments that matter.

(Matthew Candy, Partner in Global Business Services at IBM)

Create brand personality with integrated communications

50% of organisations do not have a clearly defined digital media strategy. A brand personality is not just what you stand for but how you choose to communicate it so having an integrated communications approach is important.

(Dave Chaffey, CEO & Co-Founder at Smart Insights)

Destination: You Tube

Ireland has the second highest level of penetration, second only to Israel, and consumers are watching 300% more videos.  YouTube clearly has a role to play in partnering brands and audiences in 2015 – see the site’s evolution chartered since the first video entitled “Me at the Zoo”.

(Ruth McEntee, Head of Display at YouTube)

The free ride is over

0% organic reach is now forcing brands to think outside the box when it comes to engaging with its target audience.

(Brian Williamson, a digital strategist with Edelman UK)

“What Happens When The Music Stops?”

Television has turned a corner in terms of content as a reactive move following a decade of reality TV series.  Always consider the end result of any marketing strategy as poorly thought out goals cannot be saved by a great media plan.

(Former Vice President of Spotify, Chris Maples)

The soft and service complexities of the marketing landscape 2015

Marketing today has more software available to it than any other business function in the history of computing.  We are moving from providing communication services, to delivering communications experiences, as the lines between software companies and service providers become increasingly blurred.  

(Scott Brinker)

Mind the metrics

Employing the right measurement strategy, that adapts to the stages of the campaign, is critical.  Think about content in terms of “See, Think, Do, Care” and when it comes to converting awareness to sales, it’s all about the power of the combined.

(Cera Ward from Google)

Feel the fear… (and here’s how you do it)

For companies who want to embrace and create a culture for digital but are not used to the digital environment, the advice is, ‘Light up the Runway’ and focus on three areas; having the right People, the correct Processes in place and getting Proof of outcome in terms  of ROI.  Digital cannot simply be an add-on but must be integrated, and RoI measured, with a focus on increase in sales, market share, online interaction (views, likes etc.) keyword searches and awards won.

(Fiona Sweeney of Kerry Foods)


Stories remain the same but how we tell them is fundamentally different. From Twitter users’ reaction to Ireland winning the Six Nations in 2014 to the more recent conversations and debate surrounding #TheDress, planned and unplanned moments play out in different ways for audiences worldwide.  “Moments Matter” to the 284 million active monthly Twitter users - 76% of whom are accessing from a mobile device.

(Dennis Bree from Twitter)

How to have a job in ten years’ time

The rise of artificial intelligence is much closer than we think and five strategic marketing disruptors that are just around the corner include; Artificial intelligence/Deep learning, next generation computing, 3D printing, Real time personal data and virtual reality…. You have been warned!

(John Straw of iDisrupted)