7 Jan 2020 Senior Account Executive (Corporate) - Murray »

Senior Account Executive (Corporate) - Murray

Are you ready to help some of Ireland’s biggest companies and public sector organisations manage their reputations and interact positively and professionally with the media and other stakeholders? Do you have a flair for integrated communications and want to develop your career on a track to be a strategic communications advisor to CEOs and senior executives?  If so, an opportunity has arisen to become part of Murray, one of Ireland's most successful full-service strategic communications consultancies.  We want to hear from ambitious, bright, and down to earth team players.  This role will suit those...

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31 May 2017 Futureproofing top talent »

Futureproofing top talent

Today’s talent market, which is now very much driven by demand, creates challenges for organisations that we have not seen since the heady days of the boom.  Nowhere is this more evident than in the graduate recruitment market. This is the time of year when graduates emerge from three or four years of study with their primary degrees or masters programmes complete and secured.  Thankfully, unlike just a few years ago, there are choices out there particularly in sectors like financial services, pharma and IT.  So how can marketing departments and communications agencies compete to...

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