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Today’s talent market, which is now very much driven by demand, creates challenges for organisations that we have not seen since the heady days of the boom.  Nowhere is this more evident than in the graduate recruitment market. This is the time of year when graduates emerge from three or four years of study with their primary degrees or masters programmes complete and secured. 

Thankfully, unlike just a few years ago, there are choices out there particularly in sectors like financial services, pharma and IT.  So how can marketing departments and communications agencies compete to secure the next generation of top talent?

Attracting the best and brightest graduates is all about giving them opportunity, paid for opportunity, and a clear pathway to a rewarding, challenging and fun career.  For many it’s about experience and outcomes.  It is about being able to make an impact from day one. 

Graduates will ask themselves, can I see myself working and progressing in that organisation?  Does it have a cause, issue or brand that I can believe in, champion and represent with passion, commitment and dedication?  Will it challenge and reward me? And of course will it pay me?

The culture of the organisation is also a really significant factor.  A supportive environment in which personal growth and development is prioritised will attract and help to retain the right people.  Being valued, appreciated, respected and recognised, and most of all being part of something that’s important, meaningful and impactful all play an important role.  Working with high achievers, at the top of their game, in a collegiate atmosphere creates a positive working environment and can provide a platform to produce really innovative and impactful campaigns, and let’s be honest that’s what most of us strive for. 

As a professional services firm our business model is based on our expertise, experience and our people’s time.  Put simply, we are our people.  Our ethos, mission, values and service delivery focus on maintaining and enhancing our clients’ reputation and by extension our reputation, and people are at the heart of that.

Our talent pool has been drawn from a diverse range of backgrounds and academic disciplines, including finance/business, law, agri, technology, science, politics, journalism and of course marketing and public relations. 

We have attracted an eclectic mix ranging from lawyers to journalists and IT gurus to archaeologists and artists. It really is a wide spectrum and such diverse backgrounds prompts an intellectual curiosity that can deliver creative, insightful and surprisingly refreshing outcomes for clients.

In order to compete and to continue to attract the right people we’ve developed a tailored graduate programme which is designed to attract the next generation of ambitious, dynamic and talented young people to our team. 

The programme has two objectives, to provide graduates with the opportunity to work, grow and develop and secondly to futureproof Murray with the best talent available on the market.

Each graduate, during the twelve month programme, rotates across all of our services; spending time working with our corporate and financial team, our public affairs team, our brand team and finally our creative and digital team. Exposure to such different disciplines, and the opportunity to work with leading clients, across a wide range of industries gives them the best chance to learn, grow and develop quickly.   It also helps the graduate to get a fuller picture of their skill sets and passions.  Many people enter PR with a pre-conceived idea of what they want to do, which may not actually be accurate and so exposure to a broader range of disciplines may help them to find the right fit for their future. 

It is designed to kick-start their career by bringing the best out of them, developing them to their full potential, as part of a team which is supportive and fun.

For more on the graduate programme contact us at pr@murrayconsultants.ie 

Aoibheann O'Sullivan, Director

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