Our Story

Our Story

In 1974 Richard Nixon resigned as US President, Ted Heath resigned as UK Prime Minister, Cearbhall O'Dálaigh became President of Ireland, Abba won the Eurovision Song Contest and Murray was founded.

 A lot has changed since then. The world of communications has been transformed.  Fundamentally we do the same thing we did in 1974: We ensure our clients communicate showing values of honesty and trustworthiness. But how we do it today is very different, and has evolved with the changing communications world. Our portfolio of leading Irish businesses, organisations and State bodies and the length of time they have remained with us is a measure of the trust our clients place in us.

To allow us work on clients' behalf in today's vast communications landscape our staff are drawn from very diverse backgrounds including industry, finance, politics, journalism, professional services and the arts. We represent companies in the areas of finance, healthcare and pharmaceutical, construction and infrastructure, energy and environment, technology and telecommunications, manufacturing and food, drink and hospitality. We also advise a wide range of public sector bodies and mission-driven organisations, and have managed some of Ireland's most successful public information and consultation programmes.

We are a full service PR agency whose areas of expertise include media stakeholder relations: governance, capital and investor relations, corporate PR, political lobbying and influencing at national and local level, crisis and change management, consumer PR and brand management, technology and new media communications, community relations and public information programmes, media training, and internal communications.

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