Referendum Commission
Referendum Comission

Referendum Comission

We have devised, executed and managed the public information campaigns run by the Referendum Commission in the seven national referendum campaigns since 2008. These have been major campaigns of national strategic importance, communicating highly complex material to a diverse electorate through all media channels.

The Commission is an independent body that explains referendum proposals, promote public awareness of the referendum and encourages people to vote. It does not advocate a Yes or No vote.  Murray has managed the campaigns for the referendums on the Lisbon Treaty (2008 and 2009), Judges’ Pay and Oireachtas Inquiries (2011), the Fiscal Stability Treaty (2012), Children (2012), Seanad and Court of Appeal (2013), Marriage Referendum and Age of Presidential Candidates Referendum (2015). 

We provide the project management for the entire campaign.  As the lead agency in a consortium including creative advertising and media buying specialists we oversee the writing, production and distribution of an information handbook to every home in the country; the production of a major national television, radio, print and online advertising campaign; media buying; a public relations campaign including a press launch, campaign statements, a series of broadcast interviews and media relations; voter research during and after the campaign; a social media campaign;  managing production and distribution of information material to the deaf, hard of hearing and blind communities; and the street distribution of information booklets

These are major national projects which take place under intense media and political scrutiny. They often involve taking poorly understood and misunderstood aspects of public policy and making them understood within a tight timescale

Research conducted by Behaviour and Attitudes following each campaign have shown a steady growth in awareness and credibility of the Commission. During more recent campaigns the Commission has featured extensively in broadcast and print coverage of each referendum, engaged actively on social media, and has emerged from two court challenges to its statements with its reputation for accuracy enhanced.  The Commission is now seen as the most authoritative player in each referendum campaign.

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