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At Murray we recognise that each individual has their own personality, manner and message. We see this as a strength. We identify and accentuate the best elements of each individual and enable them to represent themselves and their organisation effectively.

Murray has unrivalled communications experience, we put this experience to use in preparing our clients for the pressurised environments of TV, radio and print media interviews. We ensure clients are fully briefed on all elements of the media and how best to manage it.

Preparation is key to every successful media interview. Few professionals would give a presentation or answer questions from a professional interviewer in front of 100 people without rigorous preparation. It never ceases to amaze us that some will however, undertake an interview before an audience of 200,000 radio listeners with little preparation and without any training!

Our tailored spokesperson training - a mixture of theory and recorded practice interviews and scenarios - provides the skills and confidence required to handle media interviews effectively. Course participants benefit from immediate and lasting improvements in their own skills and in their confidence in approaching a TV or radio interview. We enable senior executives from leading Irish and international organisations to convey complex messages clearly and honestly, in a simple, accessible, media friendly fashion.

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